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Preparation area and peripherie

An optimal preparation ensures perfect results. Our preparation, painting and finishing areas provide an efficient and overall concept, which can be adjusted to the individual conditions at our customers’ sites.


With high-performance extraction, preparation work such as filling, drying and wet grinding can be executed at every bay. Apart from this, new concepts offer best conditions for spot-repair combined with an economic use of the available means.

Bays can be equipped with manual curtain systems or motor-powered sliding walls. Further features, such as central grinding dust extraction or elevating and working platforms can be combined as required and integrated into a sound overall concept at utmost economic conditions.


LUTRO preparation bays can be provided in above or below floor versions, with partially or fully gridded floor. With regard to ventilation, customers can choose between exhaust systems and complete air intake / exhaust plants. Economic heating concepts can be integrated on request, too.

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