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Technical features

50 years of experience in the design and implementation of high-quality painting and drying plants oblige! Therefore LUTRO painting plants are always planned according to the state of technology and individually adjusted to the specific needs of our customers. It goes without saying that all plants delivered to our customers meet the relevant DIN/EN standards and can generally be used for conventional as well as water-based paint systems.


Below please find information about the main features of our plant technology. If you wish to receive more detailed information or if you have some more detailed questions, please contact our sales and customer-service staff. You will find a list of the contact persons here.

Booth enclosure

The enclosures of our plants are always made of special high-quality, zinc-plated sheet steel components with white coating on both sides and with an intermediate insulation according to european standards in EN 12215 and EN 13355.

Large-area filter ceiling

The reliable large-area filter ceiling with weight compensation is patented worldwide and only available from LUTRO Luft- und Trockentechnik GmbH. Perfect leak tightness and comfortable operation are the most important advantages of this successful own development.

Booth lighting

Special, 4-flame energy-saving lamps are integrated in the booth ceiling and side wall with a pitch of 30°/45°. This arrangement ensures a very good combination of large-area filter ceiling, uniform laminar air flow and ideal lighting, which can largely avoid shadows and reflections on the vehicles’ surfaces.

Paint separators

The paint separation is effected by means of elastic high-efficiency separation mats which hold the paint deep inside. They are installed below the level of the grid. Apart from this, the conceptual routing of the air flow allows a uniformly accelerated routing of the air flow in the area of the object surface. This leads to a most intensive extraction, an optimal separation and an increased paint absorbing capacity of the filter. These are highlights for the efficiency of your investment!


For very high air volumes, e.g. for industry plants, the use of wet-type paint separation systems based on the venturi whirl washer systems and integrated paint sludge extraction systems is advisable.

Air handling machinery

Especially aerodynamic, electrolytically zinc-plated and top-coated metal enclosures house reliable and energy-saving heavy-duty air handling machinery and directly driven, corrosion-proof, high-efficiency radial ventilators.


LUTRO air handling machinery can be placed besides, behind or, if only limited space is available, on a steel platform above the booth.


Heating can be effected by gas or oil burners with direct as well as indirect firing and by hot-water systems.


For our paint plants we highly recommend to our customers the use of LUTRO direct-heating systems including a specially developped, high efficiency air flow gas-burner (degree of efficiency nearly 100%).

Control and regulating system

Our plants are usually equipped with a state-of-the-art programmable logic controller (PLC).


All operational and functional processes can be selected and executed by means of a clearly arranged control panel. Functions are shown by way of on-screen text displays which are easy to understand. By simply pushing a button, additional information about the current operation can be retrieved.


Over an additionally available diagnostic interface, operating data can be exchanged online with our technical centre, malfunctions can be detected and usually corrected.


LUTRO painting and drying plants are series-equipped with the following features:


Economy circuit to reduce the consumption of energy and medium.
Automatic flash-off function to accelerate the flashing-off process when aqueous paint systems are being used. Time and temperature can be set according to the specific requirements of the used paint system.

Heat recovery and energy saving equipment

LUTRO painting plants are series-equipped with an economy circuit and automatic flash-off function for rapid intermediate drying, especially when water-based paints are being used.


On request, plants can be equipped with heat reclamation and frequency-controlled ventilators to save energy with an efficiency of up to 75%.

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