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Painting plants for cars and vans

Colour means emotion. Customers’ requirements on the painting of cars and vans cause constantly increasing requirements on perfect surfaces in combination with a highly economic and efficient service.


LUTRO’s plant concepts for car and van painting are always based on the definite plans of our customers, such as company size, capacity needs and car throughput. Owing to their compact modular system our plants can be flexibly adjusted to the individually planned or existing room conditions and the environment they have to be fitted in.


You are planning to procure an new plant? Or you are planning a technical modification of an existing painting and drying plant? Our skilled consultants from project planning and customer service will be pleased to help you!


If you wish to ask for information right now, the LUTRO “Product Configurator” will guide you through the configuration of your favourite plant by means of a modular system. Already a few days later you will receive, as a basis for further discussions, an offer from our sales engineers, meeting your special demands and giving an estimated price.


Plants of small painting capacity

Typical plant for medium-sized body and paint shops, with a throughput of approx. 5 – 7 vehicles per day.   



The standard dimensions of our painting and drying booths for cars and vans are:


  • Combined spraying and drying booth "KSP 7-BT"
    4m x 7m x 2,9m (W x L x H)
  • Drying booth/ Oven TR 1
    3m x 7m x 2,5m (W x L x H)
  • Machinery cabinet
    2,4m x 7m x 3,6m (W x L x H)



All LUTRO plants generally offer forward-looking plant technology with regard to an energy-saving and environment-friendly process technology. They stand for highest quality standards in the use of conventional and water-based paint systems.


At the same time high-quality components of renowned suppliers guarantee the efficiency and long life of your investments.

Plants for medium painting capacity

Plant concepts for growing medium-sized body and paint shops. The painting capacity of the plant is designed for a throughput of approx. 10-12 objects per day (average).


The successful combined spraying and drying booth with an adjacent separate in-line dryer can be optimally adjusted to the operational processes.


The additional connecting door (folding gate, rolling or lifting gate), integrated in the side wall of the booth and the possibility to easily move vehicles laterally, allow an efficient painting without long idle times.




Plants for higher painting capacity

Typical plant concept for bigger, medium-sized paint shops and smaller paint centres with a throughput of approx. 12-20 objects per day (average).


When conditioning the plants, our experts optimally adjust the control and regulating system in the CPU, which has been especially designed for our plants (on request available with individually positionable operating terminals), to the individual requirements of your company (working processes, paint features etc.).


Practical hint:

In order to avoid capacity constraints when painting single parts, our customers prefer to ask for these plant concepts in combination with an ECO 20, especially designed for the painting of small parts.


Plants for high painting capacity

Plant concepts for very big paint shops and paint centres with a throughput of up to 100 objects per day (average).


Similar plant concepts are individually created in cooperation with our customers’ workshop/factory planners. Such concepts usually comprise the complete equipment for surface treatment including filler, spot-repair and finishing areas as well as additional features such as elevating platforms, conveyor systems, IR-drying technology, grinding dust extraction and equipment for the heating of the hall. During the whole execution of your order, experienced LUTRO project managers will supervise the consulting service and the implementation of such big projects according to the fixed time schedule.


In addition to painting and drying plants we offer tailor-made service concepts for the maintenance of your plant.

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