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Multiple painting facility designs Permit efficient and environmentally compatible surface coating. The new design shortens throughput and protects resources.

EMC´s new body and paint centre is equipped with an overwhelming new generation of painting plants. LUTRO is proud to be the supplier of these spray booths and ovens, which are in combination together the largest painting plant...

When it comes to the planning or modernization of painting plants, the energy efficiency of the plant technology is a central consideration. An efficient use of electricity and water has never pait off so quickly than at present,...

The small town of Molsheim lies to the southwest of Strasbourg. With its peaseful outbuildings, the old aristocratic estate of St. Jean still exudes the mysterious aura that the Bugatti name still stands for. This is where...

A new painting centre for a Swiss service provider installed over more than one floor is used to paint cars, commercial vehicles, small parts and aircraft components up to 9 metres long.

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