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Industry and workshops

When it comes to the efficient painting of single components, single parts of buildings and machines in industrial (small) series production, the well-founded, specific know-how of an experienced manufacturer is required.


As a system supplier with 50 years of experience, LUTRO offers industrial painting plants in nearly all sizes and versions for customers in industry and workshops. Thought-through plant concepts for industry always incorporate numerous, customer-specific factors that influence the plant design and the integration into the overall process (parts, procedure, process, preparation, throughput, conveyor system, energy and room conditions).


Besides sophisticated overall concepts for surface treatment in industry, LUTRO offers small booths and spraying units with dry/wet back facilities for the painting of single parts and small series. In addition we offer intelligent solutions for industrial preparation as well as for waste water and exhaust air cleaning. They can be individually supplemented with flexible air intake units and conveyor systems.

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