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Purchase department

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”


During the design and implementation of our customers’ projects we rely on the trustful cooperation with our successful development partners and suppliers. Together we have managed to successfully bridge the growing gap between the continuously increasing demands of a self-aware and globally acting customer market and the still uncontrollably increasing material and labour costs.


We are constantly looking for powerful partnerships to further extend and lastingly secure the head start of our plant technology. We are therefore looking to get in contact with companies that can provide suitable ideas, know-how and products.


We shall be pleased to discuss with you the detailed requirements on our suppliers and the possibilities to become our supplier and/or development partner. Please feel free to talk to our purchasing department (Mr. Harter, phone: +49-711-7909-54, Mrs. Vitello, phone +49 711 79094-40)


To simplify and to speed up the application process, please kindly send us some brief supplier information. If you have any questions about this form, please contact our purchasing department.

Quality in procurement

For us quality means to fulfil the demands of our customers and, if possible, to even exceed their expectations. For this reason we have committed ourselves to make the quality of our products and services the most important factor of our activities.


More and more medium-sized companies join integrated supplier and cooperation networks. Therefore we expect our partners to largely identify themselves with the basic principles of our company and quality philosophy. With regard to the participation in our supply chain this means:


  • supply of immaculate quality
  • on-time delivery down to the day, according to the agreed date
  • annual rationalisation effects on material and purchasing costs
  • optimisation of logistics costs by means of supply chain management
  • handling of small and medium-sized production lots
  • flexibility when reacting to fluctuations in the demand of the market
  • “design to cost” cooperation, already in the product development phase
  • acceptance of additional process steps for systems and modules
  • contractual reliability
  • no mutual economic dependencies.

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