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System solutions for commercial and rail vehicles

Due to the often harsh use of vehicles, the quality of the technological processes when it comes to the surface is very important, especially in the production of commercial vehicles.


Whether for production or repair, LUTRO supplies individual tailor-made painting and drying plants for an optimal and economic use and for every need. During the planning and design of the plants, our designers entirely focus on clear technical, economic and ergonomic criteria. Plants for the painting of commercial vehicles can be designed as diagonally or vertically ventilated plants, depending on the vehicle throughput and the used amount of paint.


LUTRO painting plants are suitable for nearly all purposes and dimensions. The products of our customers include buses, trucks and special vehicles as well as rail vehicles, construction machines, agricultural vehicles and water crafts.

Plants for aircraft and ship-building industries

For big workpieces for steel, plant, aircraft and ship building, LUTRO offers tailor-made industrial plant concepts, designed to technically and economically meet the specific requirements of the operators. Most important is the smooth integration of surface technology into the production and service process.


Accurately dimensioned, precisely thought-through and executed according to plan - our large-capacity plants stand for a long operating life, reliability and optimal processes.

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