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EMC world´s largest Mercedes-Benz facility with new "state of the art" Body and Paint Centre in Abu Dhabi

EMC´s new body and paint centre is equipped with an overwhelming new generation of painting plants. LUTRO is proud to be the supplier of these spray booths and ovens, which are in combination together the largest painting plant for personal cars and SUV´s in Middle East.

LUTRO Luft- und Trockentechnik GmbH is located in Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart Germany, is the leading manufacturer of high quality spray booths and ovens for all kind of vehicles and is proud to have supplied the first spray booth to Arabic partners already in the late 50´s. Many LUTRO spray booths and ovens are working since more than 40 years, and EMC´s old spray cabins and ovens were also many years ago supplied by LUTRO.


The EMC facility has been equipped with the same technology used by the UK based McLaren´s Formula One Team i the production of their SLR model. EMC boasts the latest in body and paint technology, and is equipped with a number if the world-renowned LUTRO spray booths and ovens which as designed for optimum efficiency and for maximizing work output whilst saving on energy costs and which can process up to an impressive 50 vehicles per day.


Not just the owners of the Mercedes-Benz cars will benefit. The UAE environment looks set to improve also. The Body and Paint Facility has adopted the latest in eco-efficient waterborne paint technoloy. Its low solvent paint system will dramatically reduce the harmful release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC´s) into the UAE environment by up to 90 per cent. It makes this facility one of the most environmentally friendly in the UAE. No other body and paint companies have taken such positive steps and EMC hope to sets a positive trend in relation to the environmental issues which surround car repairs.


The new painting plant represents the best available technical equipment in combination with easy handling, uncomplicated maintenance and comfortable working places inside the spray booths.


All spray booths are equipped with air-cooling equipment to create excellent working conditions for the painters in combination with silencers to reduce the fan noises of the machineries which are placed behind the spray booths and oven.s


For passenger cars LUTRO supplied two combined painting and baking cabins with one large oven between, the spray booths are 8x4 m, and 2.9 m high. The fan capacity of each cabin is 30.000m³/h, fresh air and same capacity for exhaust air, which is guaranteeing excellent working conditions and quick suction of paint fumes.


Both spray booths are equipped with lifters on rail and wheel system, pneumatically driven and able to lift cars up to 800 mm above floor level. This is a big advantage for handling the cars in the lower parts and the cars can be moved from the spray booth to the oven on the lifter on rails, a very modern and comfortable system for creating best results in painting quality, as well as on using the maximum possible capacity of the spray booth and oven.


The oven itself, between the two spray booths, is 8 m long and 5.5 m wide.


The doors, between the two spray booths and the ovens, are electrically driven lifting doors and the front doors of the spray booths and the ovens are four wing folding doors, with large area glazing and very easy to handle.


On the right side of the spray booth and oven combination, LUTRO installed a paint mixing room, with exhaust air air fan, fresh air intake, filter and large two folding entrance door in the front of the paint mixing room.


The biggest units is the Maybach and SUV spray booth, with the length of 8.5 x 4.5 m, with a separate large size oven for these premium vehicles on the right side. Separation door between Maybach spray booth and oven is alslo an electrically driven lifting door, very easy to handle, and the fronts of the spray booths and ovens are large size folding doors with glazing, very easy to handle, very well insulated and in beautiful white powder coated finish.


On the right side of the Maybach driying oven LUTRO installed a separate spray booth for single parts, spoilers, bumpers and other single components, which are dismantled from the vehicles.


With this separate combined spraying and drying booth for small parts it is possible to use the other three spray booths for complete cars as efficient as possible to use the whole possible capacity of the painting plant.


All fan units, heating equipment and other technical components are located behind the painting plant, including energy saving equipment like stand-by automatic system and flash off automatic system, especially designed for the use of water-borne paints.


The spray booth and oven combination is completed by a large preparation area, consisting of 24 prep stations and seven filler and spot-repair working places with extra fan systems and filter units to allow best possible working quality and this prep area is the pre condition of the high capacity, which is possible in this modern trend setting body and paint centre.


EMC is the world largest Mercedes-Benz facility including the largest painting plant in the Middle East.


The outstanding plant was designed by LUTRO engineers in much closer cooperation with the technical stuff of EMC. The result is a  large combination of spray booths, ovens and prep stations, setting a landmark and will satisfy this very important customer for the next decades.


LUTRO is proud to have many other customers in the Gulf Area and Saudi Arabia and guarantees always excellent service and spare parts suppy for many years wiht local representation in Abu Dhabi.







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