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In the following we have collected interesting new press releases about and from LUTRO Luft- und Trockentechnik. A corresponding .pdf-version of each article can be downloaded to your computer by mouseclick on the articles headline.


LUTRO in the press

Download EMC world´s largest Mercedes-Benz facility with new (Press_Release-EMC.pdf) -1.53 MB
LUTRO is proud to be the supplier of these spray booths and ovens, which are in combination together the largest painting plant for personal cars and SUV´s in Middle East.
Download Coating Process Offers Consistent Energy Savings (JOT_International_Surfache_Technology.pdf) -310.93 kB
Using a modern, high-performance painting and drying plant it is possible to make major energy savings, as demonstrated by the following example of a company from the bodywork and vehicle manufacturing industry.
Download A new high-performance and future-oriented paintshop will have high and particular requirements (PaintStyling.pdf) -566.48 kB
A paintshop is the business where very different products made of metal, plastic or wood should be painted with particularly high quality. The professional processing of painting materials is performed in suitable technical facilities for them which have high requirements concerning performance, energy consumption and environmental compatibility.

LUTRO for the press

Download LUTRO Logo black/white (LUTRO_Logo_black_01.jpg) -26.53 kB
Download LUTRO Logo coloured (LUTRO_Logo_blue.jpg) -71.35 kB
LUTRO-Logo in Farbe

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